Grade 6



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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (

This is also the webpage for 8th grade science!




Have a wonderful long weekend for Presidents' Day.  We will be back Wednesday February 20.  

Reading - We are reading Johnny Tremain together in class.  Work packets with comprehension questions and vocabulary will be studied.  

English - Currently we are working on abbreviations in our study of punctuation.  Some are quite tricky!

Religion - We will continue to explore the Old Testament and how God is forgiving.

Spelling - Unit 21

consumer  control  constitution  comment  confront  compete  conference  computer  conflict  commotion  

conquer  content  concert  contact  confirm   composition  conservation  community  contest  complicate

Science - We are continuing to study light and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Social Studies - After break we will begin the chapter on Europe and the fall of the Roman Empire.

Grade 8 Science - Test 9 on Wednesday


valentines day

On Thursday, February 14th, the students in grade 6 may pass out valentines to their classmates.

Please follow the below guidelines for Valentine's Day.

1. Students must have a school and age appropriate card for ALL 10 students in the class if they are passing out valentines.

2. The valentines are NOT to be addressed to a particular student. The student should just fill in the front section of the card.

3. Any treats or candy with the valentine cards MUST BE PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE. All cards and treats will NOT be opened at school. They will be sent home for students to enjoy there.

Thank you for your support and cooperation to make this class activity enjoyable for ALL the students

Monday Chapter 13 Religion TEST

Wednesday - Social Studies  TEST 10- Ancient Africa

Friday - Spelling TEST 20

Religion -Chapter 13 TEST Monday 2/11  We will then reflect on ways God forgives us. 

Our readings from the Bible include the story about the bronze serpent and how it prefigured Jesus.

Spelling- Unit 20 - TEST Friday 2/15

     instruct  instruction  graduate  graduation  confuse  confusion  conclude  conclusion  oppose  opposition

      explode  expolsion  affect  affection  suggest  suggestion  discuss  discussion  except  exception

     correct  correction  express  expression        substitute  substitution  exclude  exclusion

English - We are working on punctuation.  

Reading - We will be reading a short play about Elizabeth Blackwell

      vocab- absurd behalf  candidate  dean  delirious  diploma hovers obedient reject  

Science- We have begun our study of light and sound.

Social Studies- Our QR code projects will be completed and we will complete our chapter on ancient Africa.

8th Grade Science- Chapter 9 involves a trip through geologic time where we study how we date the age of rocks and compare fossils to explore various time periods from the past.


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