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Welcome to 5th Grade 

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Week of February 11, 2019

Homework: 50 minutes of Mobymax

February word problems worksheet assigned Monday February 4 due Thursday February 28th.

Monday – Math textbook p. 122 set F numbers 1-7

Tuesday – Math textbook p. 178 set B numbers 1-8

Wednesday – Math textbook p. 122 set F numbers 8-15

Thursday – Math textbook p. 178 set B numbers 9-16

Spelling: Unit 21 more words ending in ed or ing: whipped, skimmed, dripped, covered, gathering, bragging, visiting, planned, winning, mixed, stunned, hitting, begged, shipped, ordered, slammed, swimming, suffering, wandered, spotted, flipped, rubbing, snapping, dimmed, stripped, catering, shredded, layered, scalloped, whirred

Math: Adding & subtracting fractions & mixed numbers with unlike denominators

Religion: Chapter 11 We Are Sent to Glorify the Lord p. 67-72

Social Studies: Chapter 7 Life in the Colonies

Science: physical changes, and chemical changes

Language Arts: continue with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Literature study Chapters 11-17

Reading Street Anthology Unit 3 – Leonardo’s Horse

Vocabulary Words:

1.      achieved – carried out to a successful end

2.     architect – person who designs and makes plans for buildings

3.     bronze – a dark yellow-brown alloy of copper and in

4.     cannon – a big gun, especially one mounted on a base or wheels

5.     depressed - gloomy; sad

6.     fashioned – made, shaped, or formed

7.     midst – in the middle of

8.     philosopher - person who attempts to understand the basic nature of knowledge and reality

9.     rival – person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another; competitor

10.    rebirth – a new birth; being born again

11.    Renaissance – the great revival of art and learning in Europe during the 1300-1500s

12.    togas – loose, outer garments worn in public by citizens of ancient Rome

13.    canvas – strong cloth with a coarse weave made of cotton, flax, or hemp used for painting

14.    charcoal – a black, brittle form of carbon used for drawing made by partly burning wood in the absence of air

15.    easel – a stand for holding a picture

16.    Norman Rockwell – a popular 20th century American painter

Grammar: Principal Parts of Regular Verbs

Vocabulary Strategy: Word Structure – Greek and Latin Roots

Comprehension Skill: Main Idea

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize

Oral Language: Weekly Daily Oral Language worksheet and Math word problems (assigned Monday, due Friday)

Just a quick reminder that students do have 50 minutes of Mobymax assigned as weekly homework.

Also I have been putting grades up on Educonnect. Please check your parent portal weekly as well as checking students yellow folders for incomplete assignments. There are students with missing assignments as well as missing homework assignments.

I have sent some assignments home to be redone, signed, and returned to school. I have not seen some of them come back which leads me to believe they are not getting home to parents.

Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy your day.

On Thursday, February 14th, the students in grade 5 may pass out valentines to their classmates. Please follow the below guidelines for Valentine's Day.

1. Students must have a school and age appropriate card for ALL 15 students in the class if they are passing out valentines.

2. The valentines are NOT to be addressed to a particular student. The student should just fill in the front section of the card.

3. Any treats or candy with the valentine cards MUST BE PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE. All cards and treats will NOT be opened at school. They will be sent home for students to enjoy there.

Thank you for your support and cooperation to make this class activity enjoyable for ALL the students.

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