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Welcome to 5th Grade 

Teacher: Mrs. Deborah Grout (

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Sturbridge Field Trip on Wednesday:

We are leaving at 8:35 am. No food or drink is allowed to be eaten on the bus.

Please make sure you are dressed for the weather, this is a rain or shine field trip.

Everyone should bring a disposable bag lunch. Which means that their lunches should be put in disposable bag in a plastic grocery bag that can be carried around and thrown out when they finish eating it. The kids will be keeping their own lunches with them. 

I am very excited for the field trip and will be praying for nice weather.

Week of October 7, 2019


Monday - Grammar Golf Anyone (identifying sentences)

Tuesday - Four-Legged Free Fall (rounding whole numbers)

Wednesday - Reteach p. 1 and 5 (place value)

Thursday - Math Early Bird (associative property) and Let's Fly (adding series of numbers)

Spelling:  No spelling test this week, unit 6 is a review unit.

Writing: Write a Friendly Letter Due Friday

Health: Fire Safety

October Word Problems - Due Friday

Week of September 30, 2019

Gym All Monday Sept. 30.

Reading:  Weekly Reading selection: Island of the Blue Dolphins (Historical Fiction)

Reading Skills: theme and setting; dictionary/glossary; plot and character; SPQ3R (survey, predict, question, read, recite, review)

Weekly Reading Vocabulary: gnawed, headland, kelp, lair, ravine, shellfish, sinew, brackish, cove, deafening

Weekly Writing: In Island of the Blue Dolphins, the narrator describes a place as she might in a letter to a friend. Think about a place you could describe. Now write a friendly letter about the place. (Reading textbook p. 85)

English: Independent and Dependent Clauses; Friendly Letter

Spelling Unit 5 words: hawk, claw, bald, tower, stalk, prowl, loyal, pause, moist, ounce, launch, royal, scowl, haunt, joint, coward, fawn, thousand, drown, fault, south, dawn, false, cause, howl, grouse, poise, loiter, somersault, awkward

Religion: Parts of the Mass, Responses for Mass, Prayers during Mass,  Mass Friday

Science: Atoms, Elements, Compounds

Social Studies: Early Peoples in North America Southwest

Math: Decimals

(skills can be found in textbook between p. 24-33)

Math classwork overview for the week:

Monday – Word Problems p. 20-21 #1-8

Tuesday – No School Teacher Professional Development

Wednesday - Place Value and Decimals p. 25 # 10-34

Thursday – Compare and Order Decimals less than one p. 27 # 6-22

Friday – Round Decimals p.29 # 5-36


Monday – Math textbook p. 23 numbers 1-8

Tuesday –

Wednesday – Math textbook p. 25 numbers 35-44

Thursday – Spelling textbook p. 40 numbers 1-6 and p. 41 numbers 1-8

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