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Welcome to 5th Grade 

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Tomorrow, June 3 is Field Day. All students in grade 5 are to wear an orange shirt and athletic bottoms. They also need to apply sunscreen and bring a labelled water bottle. Students may bring a hat to wear outside. All students must have sneakers on.

Spelling - No more tests

We will be doing our oral presentations on our habitats starting on Tuesday.

We are working on mapping skills in Social Studies.

We have finished up with two digit division and division of fractions in Math. We are going to wrap up our lessons on percentages this week and do some reviewing of math skills.

In Religion we will be finishing up Family Life this week. We did do LURES last Thursday.

We are all finished with our IOWA testing.

Homework - 50 minutes of Mobymax  per week. Finish any unfinished classwork from during the day. Yellow folders should be coming home nightly and checked for incomplete work that needs to be finished for homework. Please check Educonnect weekly to make sure students have all assignments turned in. Spring is here and there has been some slippage in completing assignments in a timely fashion.

Spelling Unit 32 - propose, convince, concern, enforce, compare, excuse, conduct, preserve, contain, excite, extend, prefix, engage, pronoun, consist, enclose, consent, proverb, compound, exchange, compose, exact, exit, common, expert, enactment, procedure, convene, preamble, concise

On Monday, May 6, the fourth and fifth grade students will be going to Little Angels Catholic Pre-School for the May Crowning of Mary. All students are to wear their school uniform.

Friday, May 10 is Grandparent's/Special Person's Day at St. Bernard School. All students are to wear their school uniforms. Please make sure that all forms were completed and returned to Karie Madigan by May 1st. If your child does not have anyone able to attend, please make sure to let me know ASAP so we can make arrangements for them to be with a buddy who is willing to "adopt" for the day. DISMISSAL IS AT 1:00PM. PLEASE SEND IN A NOTE IF YOUR CHILD WILL BE GOING HOME A WAY OTHER THAN THEIR USUAL DISMISSAL. ACES WILL BE CLOSING PROMPTLY AT 3:00PM ON FRIDAY, MAY 10.

Week 2 of IOWA Testing: We will be working on the Congitive portion of the IOWA tests this week. Please make sure students have a snack for in between tests, water bottles to help stay well hydrated, that they have had a good night's sleep and breakfast. We will start testing daily first thing (8:35am) right after morning prayer.

Spelling - Unit 31 More Words With ion: pollute, pollution, protect, protection, inspect, inspection, impress, impression, migrate, migration, promote, promotion, imitate, imitation, decorate, decoration, confess, confession, express, expression, garbage, health, dirty, ocean, awful, contaminate, contamination, irritate, irritation

Religion - Finish Bible study on Daniel; Family Life

Social Studies - Cinco de Mayo; American Revolution

Science - continential drift

Math - Integers and graphing

Reading - Exploding Ants story English - diagraming sentences

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