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Welcome to 3rd Grade

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Hello Third Grade parents/guardians! We are at the last "hurrah" for 3rd. grade. This is the final week of school with two early dismissal days. (Wed. and Thurs.) I am happy to report that "Bubbles, our resident fish" will be moving to Massachusetts. Congratulations to Romy for winning the fish; I'm sure she will give him a great home.We all love him dearly and will miss him but Romy will continue the great care we all gave him this year.

Report cards will be handed out on Friday to all students prior to dismissal. We do have mass on Friday, full uniform please. 

Happy summer everyone!!



Hello 3rd. grade parents/guardians! We are winding down with so many activities and cumulative reviews in various subjects in class. The students are in "summer" mode but have been cooperative with completing most of their work. Of course, the activities that are scheduled tend to excite them, and that is understandable! This week we have a Spring concert (mandatory attendance ) at night, we have our Pizza Lunch/ ice cream treat on June 8th (Friday) and on that same day, we now have the Enfield Firefighters' end of the year event right here at SBS. WOW!! NO wonder everyone is excited. Please note that our students, in Grade 3, are allowed to wear their gym clothes on Friday plus the tee-shirt that they will be getting beforehand from the Enfield Fire Dept.--hopefully all the correct sizes! *Please continue to check the children's back packs for other important school notices and tomorrow you will be getting a letter about our resident fish. Bubbles needs a new home, and only those with parental permission will be able to enter their name in the drawing. The letter will be given to each child tomorrow to take home. Please read, check off and sign. Please return by Friday, 6/8/18. Every year, our fish have found a loving home to go to...and I'm sure with this class, Bubbles will have many choices! Any questions, please contact me, thanks.:)

Spelling: *Note: these are all words that we have worked with consistently throughout the year. Students will get their Spelling workbook to take home on Tuesday. It's a good resource for review and filling in on an afternoon at home. Anyway, it's theirs to keep, adios! Our words for this week are as follows (50): using freezing beautiful spotless crack mark mislead rewrite dishonest react recall he'd let's they'll didn't unhappy conductor organist dentist small false walnut stalk cough nature mean cloth collision fiction mansion vacation balloon new knot wrench wolves heroes elves assign midpoint pretest right flour flower violin *challenge words: prediction bamboo equation legislature overweight. Students will have an assessment of these words (only 25 of them) on Friday morning instead of an actual spelling test. Word useage, meanings and the spelling will be part of the review. I will choose 23 regular words and 2 from the Challenge Word List. These words should be familiar to them.

Math: * sent home the last print out of Moby Max which I printed for each student...this is a quick look at how much time each child has been using Moby Max at home...Classroom Dashboards. Please look it over. The primary level only needs 20 to 30 minutes per week, yet many seem to have a problem doing this. This is another avenue for math practice and independent review. We will continue with real-world math this week, and long division w/remainders.

Reading: several selections (short stories) will be shared with the class. We did some more poetry last week and the children really loved it! I will be drawing selections from various authors such a: Steven Kellogg, Susan Kuklin, Shel Silverstein, David Adler, and Steve Jenkins. Although we won't be analyzing just one particular story or poem, I hope to expose the students to different styles of writing this week and part of next. Read, read, read!.


Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day week-end and got some R and R in with family and friends! We are winding down with third grade, and have lots to tie up and reinforce before the students leave for summer vacation. Again, I can't stress enough how important reading every night is...yes, the more you read, the better reader you will be. St. Bernard's Carnival will be in full swing this week from 5/31-6/2; I'm sure I'll be seeing many familiar faces there at some point. Great!

Reading:  Our story is another realistic fiction one by Palmyra LoMonaco. Title: "Night Letters" and I'm sure the studesnts will be interested in the subject. The setting is outdoors, and nature is the theme.This class seems to really love nature, and care for all of God's creatures. We will pre-read with some Poetry and other activities before getting into the text.

Spelling: Words were given out today....sounds of /j/ and /k/ these are words found in the story. The list is:clock large page mark kitten judge crack edge pocket brake change ridge jacket badge orange Challenge words: freckles advantage pledge Kentucky kingdom. We will be working with these words in a variety of written/oral activities.

Cursive: Students have all progressed nicely with cursive handwriting. We are now entering the maintenance phase of this form of writing. Practice, practice and more practice! As they get more comfortable, they can use cursive writing daily for any reason.

Math: Long division with remainders. Again, if one doesn't master the multiplication facts, division can become a chore. They've now entered into the realm of long division. However, next year this should be more pronounced as a 4th grade math skill. *Reminder Moby Max for at least 20-30 minutes each week*

We earned an ice cream party along with the 2nd grade class...I will keep you informed of the date this will be happening. The Firefighters end of the year event has now been scheduled for June 5th. here at SBS. Thanks for returning the signed slips for the smoker trailer station. This is the last fire prevention class/event for the year. :)

*please check your child's back pack, you may find interesting news*  Thanks.....




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