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Welcome to 2nd Grade

Teacher: Ms. Stephanie Stauble (




Happy 100th day of school!

Spelling: joy, noise, royal, moist, broil, cowboy, spoil, joint, foil, enjoy, destroy, loyal, employee, corduroy, turquoise (theme dipthongs oi, oy /oi/)

Reading: we will be reading a narrative poem called "I Like Where I Am" with a focus on theme and plot and adverbs

Math: we are working with adding two digit numbers with and without regrouping (extra practice at home with basic addition facts will help greatly with this unit!)

Science: we have learned about the 3 different types of rocks and the rock cycle, we will be moving onto volcanoes and then the Solar System next


Monday - reading log, spelling sentences

Tuesday - reading log, spelling sentences

Wednesday - reading log, study spelling

Thursday - reading log, study spelling


  • PTA state of the school meeting Tuesday 2/12 at 6:30pm
  • Valentines can be brought in to share with the class Thursday 2/14 (make sure only the "from" section is filled out and no treats that contain nuts please)
  • Free dress down day Thursday 2/14 if you wear red, white, or pink!
  • Pizza lunch Friday 2/15

Spelling: around, about, gown, sound, flower, howl, ground, pound, crown, south, mouse, downtown, mountain, boundary, drowsy (theme: vowel dipthongs)

Math: we are starting a new unit about adding two-digit numbers! (The fact fluency section in MobyMax is great practice and will help greatly with this unit!)

Reading: we will be reading a nonfiction story called "Frogs" with a focus on fact and opinion, and adjectives that compare. We will also be starting our next report as well. Half of the class will be reading and writing about George Washington and the other half will have Abraham Lincoln

Science: we will be starting our Earth Science unit! We will spend the next few weeks studying the Earth, weather and seasons, and the Solar System!


Monday - spelling sentences, reading log

Tuesday - spelling sentences, reading log

Wednesday - reading log, study spelling

Thursday - reading log, study spelling


  • Don't forget about the Social Studies lesson "Heroes From the Past" in MobyMax!

Happy Catholic Schools Week! We have lots of fun activities this week and here's what we will be working on in the classroom

Spelling: none

Math: we will finish the unit on fractions and begin working with adding two digit numbers (with and without regrouping)

Reading: finishing up the story from last week (The Life Cyle of a Pumpkin) and focusing still on comparing and contrasting and adjectives

Social Studies: we will be finishing up our unit on American History. I assigned another lesson in MobyMax under the Social Studies section. It is titled "Heroes from the Past". Please have this lesson completed by next week. This will be the wrap up for our unit and we will be moving back to Science next week!


Monday - reading log, MobyMax

Tuesday - reading log, MobyMax

Wednesday - reading log, MobyMax

Thursday - reading log, MobyMax


  • Early Release Wednesday 1/30
  • Mass Friday 2/1 at 1:15pm
  • What to Wear: Tuesday - neon Wednesday - favorite sports team Thursday - pajamas Friday - uniform


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