Grade 2



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Welcome to 2nd Grade

Teacher: Ms. Stephanie Stauble (




Spelling: tried, trying, planned, planning, liked, liking, hiked, hiking, cried, crying, skipped, skipping, danced, dancing, replied, replying (theme inflected endings)

Reading: we will be reading a story called "Red, White, and Blue" with a focus on fact and opinion, and using quotation marks

Math: we are working with counting coins (I encourage everyone to practice at home - grab a handful of change and practice counting amounts!)


Monday - spelling sentences, reading log

Tuesday - spelling sentences, reading log

Wednesday - study spelling, reading log

Thursday - study spelling, reading log


  • Curriculum Fair Thursday 4/25 6:30-8pm and Open House
  • Pick a pop dress down Friday 4/26
  • Communion practice Sunday 4/28 9-10am at the church - students must attend

Welcome back from April break! I hope you all had a nice and relaxing week!

Spelling: we're I've, don't, can't, he'd, you're, won't, they're, I'd, they'd, she'd, we've, could've, should've, would've (theme contractions

Reading: we will be reading a story called "Just like Josh Gibson" with a focus on comparing/contrasting, fact and opinion, and when to use capital letters

Math: we are starting a new unit on time and money! 

Social Studies: still working on our economics unit and learning about wants/needs, producers/consumers, and trading


Monday - spelling sentences, reading log

Tuesday - spelling sentences, reading log

Wednesday- reading log, study spelling



  • dress down for a cause Wednesday 4/17 minimum $5 donation (wear blue, green, or yellow)
  • early dismissal Thursday 4/18 - there will be no ACES
  • no school Friday 4/19
  • Monday 4/22 gym all!

Spelling: talk, because, August, caught, draw, walk, chalk, auto, taught, thaw, fault, launch, applause, audience, awkward (theme: vowels aw, au, augh, al)

Reading: we will be reading "The Signmaker's Assistant" with a focus on realism vs fantasy, contractions, and author's purpose

Math: we are still working with subtracting with and without regrouping

Social Studies: we are starting our unit on community jobs, wants/needs and goods/services! There is a lesson assigned in MobyMax that deals with wants/needs and goods/services, please complete by next week! (Click on the teal icon with the globe that says Social Studies and it should pop right up)


Monday - spelling sentences, reading log, MobyMax

Tuesday - spelling sentences, reading log, MobyMax

Wednesday - reading log, MobyMax

Thursday -reading log, MobyMax



  • Dress down for a cause Thursday 4/4 (minimum $5)
  • Mass Friday 4/5 at 1:15
  • Next week is April break! Hope everyone enjoys a week off!
  • Free class dress down day Monday 4/15 (from Principal Caronna!)
  • Just a heads up to mark your calenders - Communion practice Sunday 4/28 at 9:15 at the church and Tuesday 4/30 at 6pm 

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