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This past month in the library, we had a little contest going featuring "shelfies." A shelfie is like a selfie, but it features a bookshelf, rather than a person. Shelfies of several SBS teachers were posted in the library, and the students had a chance to try and figure out who they belonged to. I'm pleased to say that quite a few students correctly guessed the answers! Posted here are the photos...can you figure them out? The teachers who participated are Mrs. Kundrat, Mrs. Tortora, Mrs. Carrigan, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Pernal, Miss Stich, Mrs. Vick, Mrs. Mongillo, Senor Vargas, Miss Landry, Miss Stauble, Mrs. Grout and Mrs. Frost. Good luck!

(photos coming soon!)


September 2017

I hope all of our students enjoyed a wonderful summer break filled with relaxation, fun in the sun, and of course, SUMMER READING! I mostly focused on reading this year's Connecticut Nutmeg Award (Gr. 4-6) nominated titles. My favorite so far is Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. It was an exciting blend of mystery, puzzle solving, pop culture and adventure. For more information about the Nutmeg Award titles, visit the Nutmeg Book Award website at . 

With the new school year upon us, I'm looking forward to a fantastic year in the library. A few library changes have taken place in terms of the physical space. I've added some new shelving which has allowed the books to be shifted and spaced out a bit more than they were. I think you will like the new look, and I know the added shelving makes finding things much easier. I have a few more space reconfigurations to take care of during the first month of school before everything is settled in its new place. 

Library classes will be great this year, too. In the younger grades, we will cover all the best library basics and dabble in various kinds of literature. With the middle grades, we begin using and mastering reference materials, learn the beginning stages of research, focus on various book award titles, learn the Dewey Decimal Classification system and hear about various genre types. In junior high, we take our library knowledge and turn it in to research, as the students are led step-by-step through the research process for various projects throughout the year including their final history research 5-10 page paper. We discuss reliable sources, citations and bibliographies, note taking, outlining and writing. I'm excited to be there every step of the way for the students this year. 

Of course, as always, the St. Bernard School library supports all the academic and recreational reading needs of our students. Students are always welcome to stop in and check out our newest titles. Wishing everyone a successful and exciting new school year.  ~Mrs. Frost

It has been so much fun working as the new school librarian at St. Bernard these past few weeks. Our students are the best! Here's what we've been up to in the library this month: 

Grades K-3: We have been enjoying many holiday books including titles such as Santa Calls by William Joyce, How Many Miles to Bethlehem by Kevin Crossley-Holland, Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree by Robert Barry, Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett, Christmas Around the World by Emily Kelly and Snowmen at Night (and) Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner. K & 1st grade students created their ideas of what snowmen do at night and at Christmas. 

Fourth grade students have been busy working on researching various countries around the globe. They've consulted a variety of print and online resources to collect their information, and now they are working on creating posters and powerpoint presentations of the facts they learned. 

Grade five students are finishing their diligent fact-finding as "History Mystery" detectives, using context clues provided in an historical fiction scenario where one bit of information is omitted for them to solve. They have learned that research isn't easy, but paying attention to detail can make or break your successful detective work.

Grade six continues listening to "The Invisible Man," a read-aloud started by Mrs. Cote that we just HAD to finish. Gosh, that invisible guy has quite a temper...time for some holiday cheer, Mr. Invisible!

Our seventh and eighth graders continue to work independently in library on their various school work and research projects.

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