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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (




I can't believe we're half way through October.  You should have received your conference slip with date and time of the conference for next week.  Saturday is the Pumpkin carving at St. Bernard's followed by the Enfiled Jack 'O Lantern Festival on the Town Green!   Plan dinner out on Wednesday night at The 99!!  Help our school and meet up with classmates!

 THURSDAY*** Remember to bring your lunch.  We will leave at 8:30 to go to East Catholic and see their performance of "Lend Me A Tenor."   We will return by 12:30 and have lunch here.

Reading - Saving the RainForest - TEST moved to Monday 10/16.   Then we will work on the story When Crowbar Came- and test on Friday for this section.  

Vocab for Crowbar Story ---Aggressive –Detect-Dubiously-Frustration-Imprinted-Materialize-Migration-Secretive-Tolerated-Cacophony-Elude-Uncanny-

English - We will continue nouns and complete our October language art project on tablets.  Can't wait to see them on the big screen!

Spelling - barefoot  sea  gull  driftwood  carefree  somebody  nowhere  haircut  runner-up  teammate  toothbrush

headache  iceberg  fireproof  uproar  whereas  dead end  forehead  grandchildren  old-fashioned  nevertheless

wildlife  weekend  first aid  homemade  baby-sit

water-repellent  ebb tide  painstaking  self-confident  crestfallen

Religion - Chapter 5 is the Unit 1 review,  We will play games. complete puzzles, and Study key elements before taking the unit 1 Test on Wednesday 1018/17

Social Studies - We will continue to discuss Egypt and work on PowerPoints on assigned topics.

Use these rubrics to guide you on the Current Event Projects.

Yoiu will usually have a week to work on these.

They may be handwritten or typed on the computer.

Usually a Wednesday due date.  




current event graphic organizer 7 habits.pdf

This week looks to be another busy week. 

Monday 10/9 No School - Columbus Day

Tuesday 10/10 Gym All Remember to wear your gym uniform.

      Conference forms will be sent home.  Be sure to sign and return tomorrow.

       Pizza Lunch or bring your own lunch.  REMINDER: Bring your own drink!!

Friday 10/13  Dress Down  for a Cause  and Living Rosary 1:30 p.m. 

Saturday 10/14 SBS Carving of Pumpkins 11-2  Jack-O-Lanterns on the Green 4-8

Spelling - Unit 6 review of chapters 1-5  TEST 10/13 

English - We will continue to explore the various types of nouns, use nouns in our writing, and diagram sentences.

Religion - Complete chapter 4 Continue to study the vocab from last week's notes. Also study the following people and their stories are ones we need to know about.


Able  Eve  Satan  Mary  People of Babel  Adam  Cain  Noah

Science - We will begin chapter 3 and look at how organisms change and adapt to their surroundings.  we will observe how salt water effects cells.  In addition, we will explore behaviors that help organisms survive when their environments change. Another investivative activity will be how plants react to light.

adaptation  evolution  natural selection  structural adaptation,  population  stimulus  response  physiological adaptation  

Reading -  - We will read - Saving the Rain Forests and complete skills in genre, theme, and setting.

basin  charities equator  erosion  evaporates  exported  industrial  recycled  tropics

Social Studies - We will exploree the Nile River Valley and begin Egypt projects.

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