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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (




We have another busy week ahead.

Monday - Math chapter 3 test

Tuesday - Reading test

Wednesday - Photo Day

Thursday- Field trip to Northwest Catholic - Into the Woods

Friday - Spelling Test Social Studies test chapter 10 and Confessions 10 AM

Religion - Confessions Friday

We will prepare for Confessions, pray the Stations of the Cross, and work on chapter 17.

Spelling- glacier  motion  pressure  direction  caution  partial  ancient  polish  station  shallow

official  edition  musician  mention  mission  portion  session  selfish  establish  cushion

vanish  action  condition  migration  confession  expedition  diminish  recession  beneficial  technician

English - We will continue to journal write as well as focusing on correctly punctuating dialogue and using abbreviations correctly.

Literature- Tuesday - Black frontiers Test

We will read the selection on Space Cadets which is a fun play.  Our skills will be focused on drawing conclusions.

vocab - aliens  barge  hospitable  molten  ore  refrain  universal  version

Science- We are continuing to study weather.

Social Studies- We are currently exploring Africa, especially during the gold and salt trade. Test on early Africa on Friday.

Hope you remembered to turn your clocks ahead for Daylight Savings! "Spring forward, fall back!" Hopefully we will start to get the spring weather.  Our class Spelling Bee winners will be competing in the Knights' of Columbus Competition this Sunday at St, Mary's Church in  Newington at 2pm (registration at 1:30).  We wish them well.

Note that some items from last week were moved to this week and will count toward the new trimester.  We've begun the last third of the school year.  Start it off positively!

Friday - Report Cards will be sent home (Field Trip money from Cinderella will be inside) / Pick-A-Pop Dress Down Day

9 A.M. Stations of the Cross

Spelling - unit 24- Test Friday 

Review unit of chapters 19-23

English - We continue to write paragraphs and complete DOL. in our journals.  We are beginning the Capitalization and punctuation section in our text.  End marks, proper nouns and proper adjectives, interjections, and commas in a series will be this week's focus.

Reading - Tuesday - Chimpanzees I Love - test

We will begin to read Black Frontiers with emphasis on cause/ effect relationships, analogies, and context clues.

Vocab- bondage  commissioned  earthen  encounter  homesteaders  settlement

Social Studies - We will begin chapter 10 by exploring the geography of Africa.  The Kingdom of Askum, the Western African Empires, Zimbabwe and coastal cities will be our focus.

Religion - Chapter 15 takes us through leadership qualities as we continue to read about Moses and Joshua.  

Test - Wednesday

Science - Read, discuss and work on weather related projects.

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