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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (




Thank you to Mrs. Gomeau and Mrs. Kiczuk for

                      helping to create these masterpieces!  Yum!....

IMG 5365

As Christmas is quickly approching we are busier than ever.

Monday - Gingerbread Houses will be constructed this morning!

Advent Prayer Service at 8:45 We will begin our houses at 9 am Gym will be at 9:55( An adjustment to our schedule)

Tuesday - Christmas Concert and Band Concert 1:30 dress rehersal and 6:00pm performance

Wednesday - Christmas crafting will be done today!

Thursday -Ugly Sweater Day!! Be sure to accesorize with Christmas wear like jewelry, hats, and socks!

Winners will be awarded prizes.

Friday - Christmas Party (Forms were sent home.)

We will continue working on our classroom subjects.  I will not give any tests this week.

  May you have a Blessed Christmas and I look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!Image result for christmas nativity gif

Christmas is quickly approching.  We celebrated Immaculate Conception Mass at school.  Monday we will light the second candle of Advent.  Friday we will have confessions in the morning.

Report cards will be given out on Monday.  Please sign and return the envelope to school.  The report card is yours to keep.

Religion - We continue to pray, learn about Advent, and continue to study Moses.

Spelling - Unit 14 - Test Friday

graceful  divided  advanced  privately  replacement  excitement  adorable  teasing  forgiveness  mileage

barely  forceful  scarcely  blaming  entirely  usable  sincerelyamusement  lifeless  changeable

breathless  collapsed  valuable  retirement  government  coordinated  disciplined  consecutively  silhouetted  refinement

English - We continue our study of the verb.

Social Studies - Test Monday 

Science- We are working on conduction, convection, and radiation as we study heat. Test on Thursday.  Lab and report will also be done during the week.

Reading - Read - Hatchet

vocab - quill painstaking  smoldered ignite  hatchet  registered  stiffened

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