Grade 6



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Welcome to 6th Grade!
   Teacher: Ms. April Stich (




Today is our last Friday Mass

I hope to see you at the Carnival.

MONDAY 6/5 is the last day I'll be accepting "late" work.  There will still be daily assignments added to your grades.

Each student may bring in one item for Tie Dye Day.  Bring a pre-washed t shirt, cap, sneakers, or pair of socks to become COLORFUL!

Monday, JUNE 5th is our last Gym Class

6/13 - 12:45 dismissal

6/14 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL      10 am MASS  11am Dismissal (No lunch/No ACES)


Spelling - Unit 36 Review of 30-35

Religion - We wil be finishing up with the LURES program.

English - Rough drafts of essays due Monday to be worked on then typed.  Final typed drafts due Thursday June 8.

6th Graders participate yearly in the Enfield writing contest sponsored by Senator Kissel and 360 Federal Credit Union.

This year's topic is "My favorite Place"

Reading - We will have the Aztec reading test Monday 6/5 and finish the book with the last test Friday 6/9.

In addition, groups will be doing oral reading of mini plays for other classrooms.

Science - We will be working on some mini projects, some will involve partnering with the 5th grade.

Social Studies - We are working on time line poster projects in class.


Monday - NO SCHOOL  Memorial Day


Wednesday - Free Dress Down Day- Wear a Baseball/Softball shirt

I can't believe there's only 12 days left and so much left to do.

Have a wonderful long weekend. Looking forward to a fun Field Day!

Spelling - Test Friday 6/2

 development  information  preparation  improvement  invention  advancement  accidentally  unkindness  concentration unskillful

respectful  prevention  regardless  repetition  disgraceful  unbelievable  disagreement   imprisonment  encouragement  intermission

enjoyment  delightful  reaction  comfortable  conviction

precision  reputation  distinction  intolerable  inevitable

English - We will write and work on outlining.

Religion - We will continue with the LURES program and our Religion chapter 24.

Science - We continue to study the human body, especially the endocrine system. Test Thursday 6/1

Social Studies - Chapter 18 is our final chapter about a changing world.  We may also begin our poster projects with 5th grade.

Reading - We will read Aztec News and work on outlining. Test Friday 6/2

Wednesday - 6:30 Band concert

Thursday - Ascension Thursday Mass at 1:15

Spelling- Unit 34 Test Friday 5/26

debate  decision  defense  defeat  occasion  oblivious  describe  occupy  observe  demand

determine  oblige  occur  dedicate  decay  demonstrate  decrease  decline  obtain  detour

review - detail  object  destroy  detective  deposit

challenge - obscure  deliberate  obstacle  obstinate  deficient

English - TEST Tuesday 5/23 Prepositions and prepositional phrases.

Religion -  We will continue to discuss LURES program topics of safety.  In our text books we are currently reading about Jeremiah the prophet, the fall of Jerusalem, and exile in Babylon. Ch 23 TEST Wednesday.

Science - Monday and Tuesday lab on sight.  Lab report will be due on Thursday 5/25.  We will also be continuing the chapter regarding senses andnervous system.

Social Studies - Chapter 17 We will complete this chapter about the spread of indepencence in the 20th century.  Be sure to keep good notes and keep them together.  Test on Thursday 5/25

Reading - We will continue to work on comparing and contrasting as we conclude the All American Slurp story in our readers. Test on Wednesday 5/24

vocab -disgraced  progress  promoted  relish  retreat  revolting  unison


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