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Welcome to 5th Grade 

Teacher: Mrs. Deborah Grout (

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Please make sure you return the field trip permission slip for Little Angels. The Little Angels times have been changed. We will now be gone from 9:15-10:45 in the morning.

This week we will begin taking Iowa Tests, we will be testing daily for the next two weeks. These are standardized tests made up of many subtests so we will be taking two or more tests each day depending on the daily schedule. In order to help students through this process please make sure they go to bed early and get plenty of rest. All students should eat breakfast before they come to school because we often do not have snack until after at least one subtest. Make sure they have a small snack and water. The students need to be at school before the second bell (8:30am) because they need time to unpack and get ready so we can begin right after prayer, testing will begin at 8:45am. Thank you for working together to create a stress free and positive environment for the students during testing.

We will have a Spelling test this week on Friday and light homework to review English.

Spelling unit 29: televise, television, act, action, regulate, regulation, locate, location, elect, election, react, reaction, tense, tension, populate, population, convict, concition, correct, correction, camera, movie, famous, minute, question, animate, animation, fascinate, fascination

Homework English Textbook:

Mon - p. 310   # 1-12 abbreviations

Tues - p. 311   # 1-12 titles

Wed - p. 310   # 13-20 abbreviations

Thurs - p.311   # 13-22 titles



HOMEWORK for this week (4/24-4/27):

Monday - English textbook p.43(circle & triangle) numbers 1-13 follow book directions

Tuesday - English textbook p.44(circle & triangle) numbers 1-14 follow book directions

Wednesday - English textbook p.45(circle & triangle) numbers 1-14 follow book directions

Thursday - English textbook p. 44(square) numbers 15-20 & p. 45 (square) numbers 16-22 follow book directions

Week of April 24, 2017

Spelling Unit 28 Final y to i: liberties, victories, countries, spied, enemies, armies, scariest, dirtier, happiness, abilities, pitied, ladies, busier, duties, lilies, worthiness, tiniest, emptiness, replies, dizziness, cities, easier, families, studied, angriest, unified, levied, colonies, rivalries, strategies

Reading: Stretching Ourselves

Vocabulary: abdomen, artificial, gait, handicapped, therapist, wheelchair, blender, cerebral palsy, stroke, dedication, leg brace, polio, triumphant

Skills: generalization, predict, context clues

Grammar: pronouns and antecedents

Science: Chapter 4 Electricity

Social Studies: Chapter 10 American Revolution

Religion: Chapter 17 Vocations

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