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Welcome to 4th Grade

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Happy St. Joseph's Day!

On Friday, March 16, the students should have brought home their report card envelope. In this envelope was the refund from Cinderella $6, a Moby Max contract for from now until the end of the year, and the student's report card. Please know that the signed report card envelope and the bottom of the signed MobyMax contract are all that are to be returned. Please return them ASAP so we know you have received them.

We have a busy week ahead of us in the fourth grade. Here are some of our highlights of what we will be working on.

In language arts, the students are working in cooperative small groups with third and fifth grade to create pciture books about the process of making maple syrup. This week we are focusing on assembling the stories together so that we can share them with the younger students later on this week.

Also in language arts, the students are working on a literature unit for Peter Pan. During this unit, the students are defining vocabulary words found in the story, as well as, answering comprehension questions for the chapters. 

In math, the students are continuing to look at different types of graphs and are practicing multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers.

In religion, the students will be discussing lent as we prepare for Holy Week.

There will be a spelling test on Friday, March 23.

don’t, won’t, wouldn’t, there’s, we’re, you’re, doesn’t, I’ve, here’s, wasn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, where’s, hadn’t, aren’t, they’re, it’s, we’ve, when’s, haven’t, it’ll, who’ll, might’ve, mustn’t, we’d

Have a great week!

Mrs. Kundrat

Due to last week's snowstorm the spelling test for last Friday will be on Thursday, March 15.

its, ours, mine, yours, family’s, families’, man’s, men’s, girl’s, girls’, hers, theirs, brother’s, brothers’, teacher’s, teachers’, aunt’s, aunts’, boy’s, boys’, country’s, countries’, witness’s, witnesses’, laboratory’s, laboratories’

Also, as a culminating activity to our visit to the Maple Sugar House at Northwest Park, we will be having a pancake tasting on Friday, March 16 to sample some of Northwest Park's maple syrup. In order for your child to participate they need to return the permission slip ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation.

Just a reminder that the students must complete a MINIMUM of 50 minutes in math on MobyMax each week. Also, the fourth graders should be working on their March Classic Starts book report. Last week they brought home the form for the book report.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Kundrat

Thank you for sending in the permission slips for the upcoming field trips to Cinderella and Northwest Park.

Here is what we will be learning this week in the fourth grade.

Math- The students are working on a graphing unit. This week we will continue learning about double bar graphs and will begin work on line graphs. During this time, the students are also brushing up on their computation skills. REMINDER AT LEAST 50 MINUTES OF MOBY MAX IS REQUIRED EACH WEEK.

Science- We will continue our earth science unit.

Spelling- There will be a spelling test on Friday, March 2.

watermelon, homemade, understand, sometimes, shoelace, highway, upstairs, thunderstorm, shortcut, doorbell, jellyfish, touchdown, campfire, skateboard, anyway, fireworks, haircut, loudspeaker, laptop, flashlight, masterpiece, stomachache, cliffhanger, sweatshirt, afterthought

Reading- This week we will read and discuss How Night Came From the Sea. This is a pourquoi which is a story that tells why. We will also read and discuss some Dr. Seuss favorites in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Friday, March 2.

Religion- In religion, we will continue discussing the liturgical season of lent. We will also gather as a school community for First Friday Mass on Friday, March 2 at 1:15pm.

Have a wonderful week!

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