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Welcome to 1st Grade

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This week we are spelling words with the short u sound.  We have now reviewed all the short vowel sounds.

Spelling Words

1.   run

2.   cut

3.   must

4.   sun

5.   up

6.   bump

7.   jump

8.   bus

9.   nut

10.  rug

High-Frequency Words

11.  many

12.  into

Reading:  We are reading our last story in the Unit 1 reader. entitled "Animal Park."  The vocabulary words are home, many, them, into, park, elephants, zebras, hippos are.  The skills are short u words, final blends, and cause and effect.

Math :We are  working on math facts with sums through 8 and differences from 8.


Monday: Write spelling words three times each. Read decodable book #11 "Pug the Pup."

Tuesday: Write the short u word for the picture. Color the pictures.Read decodable book # 12 "At The Pond."

Wednesday: Math fact worksheet

Thursday: Study for spelling test





Conferences slips were sent home with your child on Tuesday, October 10th.  Please look in your child's backpack for your date and time.

The students have been using Lexia Core 5 in school. It is an outstanding computer program which offers differentiated instruction at your child's academic level.  Please download this to your computer as it will be part of your child's homework each week.  Those who have used it in the past have made significant gains in reading.

This week we are spelling words with short e.

Spelling Words

1.   bed

2.   men

3.   red

4.   step

5.   net

6.   net

7.   leg

8.   jet

9.   sled

10.  wet

High-Frequency Words

11.  saw

12.  your

Reading: We are reading the story "Get the Egg."  The vocabulary words are: saw, tree, your, small, bird, nest, are, you, red, egg, Brad, snap, twig, its.  The skills are realism and fantasy, short e words and initial blends br, cr, dr gr,pr,tr, sl, fl, bl,sp, sn,sk, gl and sm.

Math: We are working on subtraction facts with differences through 8.


Monday:  No School Columbus Day

Tuesday:  Short e worksheet on the story "Get the Egg." Read decodable book # 9 "Jen the Hen."

Wednesday:  Math worksheet,  Read decodable book # 10 "Ted and Fran."

Thursday:  Study for spelling test



There is no school on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

We will attend a first Friday mass celebrated by Fr. Golas on October 6th at 1:15. Please join us if you are able.

There is no school on Monday, October 9th in celebration of Columbus Day.

This week we will spell words with inflected ending -s without spelling changes.

Spelling Words

1.   nap

2.   naps

3.   sit

4.   sits

5.   win

6.   wins

7.   fit

8.   fits

9.   hit

10.  hits

High-Frequency Words

11.  her

12.  too

Reading:  We are reading the story "A Fox and a Kit."  The vocabulary words are: this, her, too, eat, animals, dinner, watch, play, playing, fixing, licking. The skills are main idea and inflected endings -s and -ing.

Math:  We are beginning subtraction with differences from 8.


Monday: Vowel worksheet using a,i,o. Color all pictures. Read decodable book# 7 "Will We Win?"

Tuesday: Read decodable book # 8 "Jan and Pam." 

Wednesday: No School

Thursday: Study for spelling test on Friday.

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