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Welcome to 1st Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Karen Carrigan (





The eighth graders graduate at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, June 6th. The ceremony will be at St. Bernard Church.  Congratulations and our best wishes to them as they continue their education.

The kindergarten class will graduate on June 12th.  Congratulations to them as well.

Next Tuesday, June 13th is an early release day. Dismissal will be at 12:45.

Next Wednesday, June 14th  is our last day of school.  After a year of hard work, the first graders will move on to be second graders. They're exited to move on.

It has been my pleasure to work with this delightful class. I will miss them and they will always be in my prayers. Thank you to all of their parents for all their help and support throughout the past year.

May God's blessings always be with you. My best to all!



Thursday, May 25th, the students will attend mass  celebrated by Fr. Golas. This  is a holy day of obligation, the Ascension of Our Lord. Please plan to join us at 1:15 pm  if you can.

The spelling test on the aw words is Tuesday, May 23rd.

Next Tuesday, May 30th is field day. Our shirt color is pink. Please send in a water bottle clearly labeled with your child's name and grade.  Students may bring sunglasses and a hat.  Sunscreen must be applied at home. Teachers cannot  put on sunscreen.

Next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (June 1-3) is the carnival. I'm sure it will be a fun event for the whole family.

There will be no assigned homework after Memorial Day.  Any unfinished work may be sent  home to finish .  Please continue to read and practice math facts throughout the summer.

This week we will spell words with prefixes un- and re-. The spelling test will tentatively be next Wednesday.

Spelling Words

1.   unhappy

2.   refill

3.   untie

4.   undo

5.   repay

6.   unkind

7.   undress

8.   retell

9.   reopen

10.  refund

High-Frequency Words

11.  different

12.   carry

Reading:  This week we are reading the story "Ben Franklin and His First Kite."  The vocabulary words are; brothers, answered, poor, carry, different, hearth, hasty pudding, amazing, invention, harbor. The skills are theme, prefixes re- and un-, and long vowel i and o.

Math: We are finishing up fractions and will be working on telling time.  We continue to work on math facts which need to be memorized.  Knowing math facts makes math much easier and enjoyable.


Monday:Study for tomorrow's spelling test on aw words. Read decodable book #59 "Bess Makes a Mess."

Tuesday:  Write  new spelling words three times each.  Read decodable book # 60 "Old Jo."

Wednesday: Math fact sheet

Thursday: Phonics worksheet

Friday:  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!  Remember, Tuesday, May30th is Field Day! Please refer to information sent in the electronic backpack.




Spelling Test will be on Tuesday, May 23rd.

There is an early dismissal on Wednesday.  A dress rehearsal for the concert will take place  at 10:00am with the Spring Concert in the evening at 6:30.  The Ice Cream Social will follow the concert.  Book Fair will also be open in our library. Please refer to the email sent on 5/15 listing the attire.

Book Fair will take place on Wednesday, May 17th and Thursday, May 18th.  There is also a dress down with a donation for a girl scout project on Thursday.

Friday there is a dress down with a jar of goodies for the Pick-A-Pop booth at the carnival.  Please support these causes if you can.

This week we are spelling words with the vowels aw as in the word saw.

Spelling Words

1.   saw

2.   draw

3.   crawl

4.   straw

5.   law

6.   jaw

7.   paw

8.   lawn

9.   yawn

10.  hawk

High-Frequency Words

11.  through

12.  science

Reading:  We are reading the story "Alexander Graham Bell."  The vocabulary words are: early, learn, science, built, through, Boston, Scotland, communicate, telephone, famous, electricity, and piano. The skills are drawing conclusions, vowels aw, au, and short e spelled ea.

Math:  We are working on fractions and math facts with sums to 20 and differences from 20. Please practice math facts. They need to be mastered.


Monday:  Write spelling words three times each. Read decodable book # 57 "Sam and Max."

Tuesday: Math fact worksheet

Wednesday:  Rest for Spring Concert tonight at 6:30.

Thursday:  Study for spelling test


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